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Outdoor Signs

Looking for high-quality, effective, and affordable exterior signs? We have the largest variety of outdoor sign solutions including Metal Signs, Parking Lot Signs, Sidewalk Signs, Channel Lettering, ACM Panels, Building Signs, Dimensional Letters, Vehicle Magnets, Feather Flags, Yard Signs, and lots of Building Sign choices. Let our experienced team help you find the best sign solution for your business or event.

Custom Channel Letter Signs | Northshore Sign Shop

Channel Letters

Do you have a new business location and need signs on your new storefront? Depending upon your lease and building face, you will likely benefit from channel lettering, sometimes referred to as “dimensional letters.” Channel letters (lettering) are custom-made signs in the shape of your business logo and lettering. Typically, these signs are constructed from metal and plastic and are internally illuminated. During the day, your business can be identified by the colored plastic sign and at night your business will really shine!

ACM Panel & Building Signs

ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) is a special sign material made from extruded polyethylene core sandwiched between two thin sheets of aluminum – sometimes referred to as “signabond” or “alumalite.” The ACM Panels can easily be cut to size, drilled for hardware, and mounted for various sign applications. This ultra-durable sign material is commonly used in constructing building signs, post-and-panel signs, and other outdoor signs.

ACM Panel and Building Signs Northshore Sign Shop
Custom Dimensional Letters Madisonville Slidell Mandeville Louisiana

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters usually refer to “Channel Letters” that are not internally illuminated. These three-dimensional signs are constructed of various materials depending upon the sign application. Most commonly, dimensional letters are constructed of aluminum as it will not rust when exposed to weather. However, dimensional lettering can also be constructed of acrylic, wood, and even glass depending upon the desired sign application.

Sidewalk Signs

Got an event to promote? Want to display your specials outside your business? Whether you’re a local restaurant, church, school, or sports coordinator, our sidewalk signs offer a durable and movable sign solution that works like a charm! Many of our sidewalk signs are built on A-Frame stands that can quickly be put out, repositioned for visibility, and you simply fold it and store it for the next time you need it. We even have removable inserts so you can easily change your message.

Custom Quality Sidewalk Signs Northshore Sign Shop
Custom Parking Signs Northshore Sign Shop

Parking Signs

If you have a parking lot or manage a parking area, you know the challenges of restricting parking areas for residents and clients, compliance with local and federal sign regulations for handicap parking signs, and many other directional and identifier signs. Northshore Sign Shop offers premium parking sign solutions that include temporary signs and permanent signage. We offer corrugated plastics, composite signs, wooden signs, metal signs, and more.

Vehicle Magnets

Our vehicle magnets are made from a thin magnetic material. Typically, we print direct on the high-energy material and cut the magnetic material to the desired shape and size. Vehicle magnets offer a perfect temporary solution to vehicle signage. Realtors, construction companies, service-based businesses can sign their cars, trucks, and equipment easily. These magnetic signs can be removed and stored for later use.

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Custom Feather Flags Northshore Sign Shop Slidell Louisiana

Feather Flags

Flags are an amazing way to get attention to trade shows, exhibitions, sporting events, corporate gatherings, directional and informational signage, retail store sale advertisements, and so much more. Our advertising flags are printed on durable polyester fabric and available in a variety of shapes including feather flags, convex flags, teardrop flags, square flags, large format flags, and more. We also offer a variety of stands, stakes, and hardware for almost any application.

Post & Panel Signs

Post and panel signs are some of the most common sign choices for roadside signs. These signs can be constructed of posts (most commonly 4×4 posts) and panels of plywood, aluminum, wood, or other composite panel material. There is a variety of finishing choices depending upon the longevity of the sign application. These signs can be a cost-effective sign solution that offers high visibility, durable construction, and long-lasting performance.

Custom Post & Panel Signs | Northshore Sign Shop
Lighted Cabinet Custom Channel Letter Sign | Northshore Sign Shop

Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs are large signs, a perfect signage solution to freshen up your brand’s image. Cabinet signs can either be non-illuminated or internally illuminated by using LEDs, bulbs, neon, etc. These are usually rectangular, but can sometimes be created in a custom shape. Cabinet Signs are perfect for giving your business the extra edge it needs when the sun goes down. Cabinet signs are commonly used for retail stores, shopping centers, churches, restaurants, and more.