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Common Channel Signs

Channel lettering (lighted dimensional lettering) is the most common 3D signage generally composed of individually crafted plastic or metal framed with acrylic or plastic inserts. These custom-shaped signs are illuminated at night by internal lighting.

Depending on your requirements, we can custom design and fabricate your channel sign by using your logo and/or the font style from your logo. There are also standard catalog font styles available.

When it comes to signing your business, channel signs and lettering are an amazing way to create high visibility in daylight and nightlight. Show your customers exactly where your storefront is located with bright, professional, lighted signs.

Custom Channel Letter Signs | Northshore Sign Shop
Lighted Cabinet Custom Channel Letter Sign | Northshore Sign Shop

Lighted Cabinet Signs

Lighted cabinet signs are typically constructed of a metal frame housing the sign lighting and acrylic or plastic inserts that are illuminated by the internal light source.

Cabinet signs (also called wall signs or box signs) are commonly used as monument signs, retail roadside signs, shopping center signs, and parking lot signs. But these simple signs can also be installed directly on the storefront as a beautiful one-piece sign solution.
Northshore Sign pros will work with you from design to installation. Request a sign quote and tell us a little about your sign needs. Our experienced sign professionals will help you every step of the way.

We’re also experienced with the Mandeville and Northshore area sign permits and restrictions. Before you buy any signs for your business, give us a call.